Marmoura Favors, based in Sugar Land, Texas, is a national boutique that offers an incredible variety of customized party decorations and unique favors that add the perfect finishing touch to any event. We carry gorgeous and functional centerpieces, beautiful and unique cake toppers as well as keepsake boxes and figurines that are sure to become family treasures. From weddings, baby showers, and even birthday parties, our beautiful product will help make happy memories that will last your friends and families for a lifetime. wedding planning, event and party planning, wedding favors

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A to Z Event and Party Planning, Green, Party, 10% to St. Jude

Marmoura Favors is an A to Z party wedding planning event and party planning wedding favors planner and one of the few Green Event Planning companies. Our main mission is to plan unique elegant customized events by utilizing recycled and recyclable resources and educate our clients on how to eliminate the carbon footprint on our environment. Our professional event planning team caters to all events, budgets, ethnicity, and themes. Our commission is paid by the vendors; therefore, our professional services  are free to our clients. We do the hard work of planning, organizing, coordinating and facilitating so you can relax & enjoy your Big Day with your loved ones. We proudly support St Jude and Texas Children Cancer Research Center as 10% of our net return is donate to both facilities equally.  

About Us

 Marmoura Favors, based in Sugar Land, Texas, is a family-owned-and-operated business that was established by Maria Obeid of Sugar Land, TX with the goal of providing quality A to Z party planning including but limited to:

* Save the Date & Event Invitations (digital & snail mail)

* Venue Rentals

* Catering of all Cuisines

* Cake & Specialty Desserts

* Photography 

* Photo Booths including the Magical Mirror

* Videography

* Live Entertainments

* Disco Jockey/MC

* Bely Dancer

* Ethnical Performances

* Party Favors/Gifts

* Honeymoon Packages

* Babysitting for your Event

* and many more services   

  Marmoura Favors & Event Planning Featured in Fort Bend CEO Magazine Nov/Dec 2019 issue!!! 

 The value of hiring a green event planner!!! 

 What does “GREEN EVENT PLANNING” means? It means that event organizers should take initiatives to avoid depletion and degradation of Earth’s natural resources.

Wastes generated from parties and social events are often taken for granted.  Statistically speaking, each event produces major wastes and leave a large carbon footprint on our environment; on an average, a single guest discards 1.89kg of waste per day, of which 1.16kg is landfill materials (

Fortunately, there are few green strategies and guidelines to reduce solid wastes and reduce costs as well. For example, “The Best Management Practices Guidebook for Special Event-Generated” by Northeast Recycling Council Inc. (NERC) is focused on guiding event organizers on how to utilize recycled and recyclable resources to minimize and reduce cost of disposing wastes.

The United States Federal Government has been actively participating in the environment protection acts; The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) of 1969 states that “Federal agencies are required to systematically assess the environmental impacts of their proposed actions and consider alternative ways of accomplishing their missions which are less damaging and protective of the environment”. Also NEPA Section 101(b) states "it is the government’s continuing responsibility to ensure that federal agencies consider the environmental impacts of their actions and decisions; federal government must use all practicable means, consistent with other essential considerations of national policy to avoid environmental degradation, preserve historic, cultural, and natural resources”. Each agency designates a "responsible official" who must ensure NEPA (National Environmental Protection Agency) issues are addressed as part of the agency's rules and regulations. EPA estimates that more wasted food reaches landfills and incinerators than any other solid wastes, constituting 21.6 percent of discarded municipal solid waste according to NEPA (

There are many strategies to reduce waste and become cost effective. If each one of us follows the RRR rules (Recycle, Reuse, Reduce), we can create a revolution of Green resources.

 Few of the RRR methods used by Marmoura Favors & Event Planing:  

  1. Dgital invitations instead of printed ones
  2. Solar systems and LED lightening Venues 
  3. Utilize biodegradable plates and cups Preparing meals according to headcount of guests, as accurately as possible.
  4. Carpooling
  5.  Silk floral arrangements instead of fresh flowers OR Reuse the fresh quality flowers arrangements to decorate multiple events within a specific timeframe. i.e. a) Conference meeting on Thursday, b) birthday party on Friday (the next day), c) wedding on Saturday (2 days), d) bridal shower on Sunday, e) donate the flowers to a local funeral homes OR to an underprivileged families/shelter, OR sundry the arrangements to make potpourri, soap, fresheners, etc.   Our Professional Green Event Coordinators can hookup these community events and divide the cost of quality fresh flower arrangements by 4!  This is 75% savings to our clients!
  6. Discontinue rubber balloons and utilize recycled paper decorations Use washable clothes table covers instead of the plastic ones

Our Mission

Our main mission and number one goal is to deliver an exceptional and outstanding services at minimal cost to our clients while saving our environment. We strive to meet or beat your expectations and make your event an unforgettable one!